Hotel Garden Palace is located to the west of Shin-Osaka Station on the north side of the Shinkansen tracks. It can be reached on foot from the station and is about 10 minutes away. There is a shuttle bus service between the hotel and the station. The travel time by bus is about 1 minute.

Address: 532-0004 Nishimiyahara 1-3-35, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6396-6211
FAX: 06-6396-6220


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From KIX via Osaka Station:

From the airport take the JR line trains. Some trains go as far as Tennoji Station (bottom of the loop-line), others go to Osaka or Kyobashi Station (top of the loop-line), try and get one to Osaka or Kyobashi (however changing at Tennoji is reletivly easy). Get off the train at Osaka station and change to the JR Kyoto line. Shin-Osaka Station is one stop away.
From the Shin-Osaka you can walk from by following the Mido-suji subway line signs inside the station and exit by exit 4 on that side of the station. Follow the tracks west-wards and turn right at the gas station. To get the shuttle bus take exit the JR side of the station by the West Gate, which exits onto a highway. Turn right and take the stairs under the highway and you will find the shuttle bus stop.

From Osaka Subway, Mido-suji Umeda Station:

Take the subway to Shin-Osaka Station. Exit the station at exit 4 to walk, or exit 2 to take the shuttle bus. To walk follow the directions above, the shuttle bus stop however is located to the left of exit 2.

Shin-Osaka Construction Information:

Shin-Osaka Station is currently having several new tracks built on the north side of the station. Because of this, certain parts of the station are being closed or shut off. There are maps inside the station detailing alternate exits. However please note that the exits detailed above may not be open during your stay. We will update this information as the work continues.

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